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Sunshine Coast Product Photographer

If you have a good product that you want to advertise hiring a commercial product photographer is the sensible choice. The good news is that you are in the right place and don’t have to look further.

Product photography objective

The goal is to achieve professional looking images that will feature your product in the most desirable way. Whether you need photos for a catalogue, brochure, magazine advertisement or the web, I’d love to be your local product photographer.


I am located in Montville and can service the greater Sunshine Coast area whether it’s hinterland or close to the ocean. If you don’t reside in the Sunshine Coast area in Queensland don’t worry you can just post a sample to me so I can take the photographs.

The essence of your product

In my mind, product photography has a strong technical and creative side to it. Each product has a different shape, surface and purpose, therefore requiring appropriate lighting and photo techniques.

What I generally use is a combination of:

  • creative lighting styles
  • composition
  • post-production techniques

I carefully balance these techniques to visually stand out and idealise the appearance of your product but also keep the subject realistic.

Think outside the box

What I offer is that I put on my creative thinking hat and take images that will make your buyers think: ‘oh, I want to try this, I want to buy it!’ You might just want a shot that looks so good and appealing that your buyer can’t resist. In other cases we can go the extra mile and take pictures that tell a story based on the purpose of the product.

So what do I charge for product photography?

The million dollar question… don’t worry, it is unlikely that I’ll charge you a million dollar. Since each product is different the price will vary accordingly. For a quote I need the following information:

  • what is the size of the product(s)?
  • how many photographs will you need?
  • when do you need the photos?
  • where are the photos going to be used? (e.g. catalogue, web, brochure etc.)

Also, any additional information you can think of will help me to determine the price. If you already have a website with your product, send me the link so I can familiarise myself with it.

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