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Landscape Photography

I love nature with the colours, shapes and geographical features it can produce. Landscape photography can be categorised as a sub branch of nature photography. Sometimes I include man-made features and architecture in my landscape shots.

My purpose with landscape photography

My ultimate goal is to capture and highlight the natural beauty of any place. What I particularly like about this type of imagery is the freedom of bringing together natural beauty, various photo taking techniques and creativity.

There are some variables that are out of the photographer’s control (such as weather and light conditions), however, when the gods are propitious you can take the perfect shot.

You just can’t beat natural light and sometimes the colours that the setting sun and cloudscapes produce are simply unreal. Sometimes it looks so good that you just want to take a piece of it. Well that’s when photography comes handy.

When I mention creativity and imagination in this syntax I refer to the entire concept:

  • what do I want to capture and how I plan to frame the image?
  • what is the focal point and where to place it?
  • what will be the depth of field?
  • how will I lead the eye of those viewing the shot?
  • what photography techniques do I have in mind to achieve it?

What I mean about various photo taking techniques is the equipment I’m using and how I use it.

Capturing the Moment

Still images are often labelled as ”capturing the moment”. Nothing wrong with the expression (I use it myself sometimes) but just how long does a moment last exactly?

With modern DSLR cameras the moment can be as fast as 1/8000 of a second (think about this for a second and divide it by 8000). The above mentioned “moment” can also last to 30 seconds or longer. Therefore essentially we have the tools to pick a fraction of a second or record everything that happens over a longer period of time within one still image. Best example is probably a waterfall. With fast shutter speed I can make the water look like it was frozen in time (showing crisp details of droplets and splashing water). On the other hand, if I use a longer exposure from the same camera position, the same waterfall will look very different as the water will look smooth and silky creating a mystic impression. To take it a step further, with the help of post-processing, I can combine a number of images taken with different shutter speeds into one depending on what I try to achieve.

There are a ton of other tricks for example using various filters, HDR (high dynamic range) shots and post processing touch-ups (just to mention a few). One of my favourite is panorama photography that I’ve been doing for a while. There are many tricks to it and when successfully done, it yields to stunning panoramic landscape images.

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