Classic supreme pizza slice closeup


Closeup shot of a slice of supreme pizza lifted up from the plate. Rest of pizza is in background. Pizza is medium crust.

Yes, I know that some people would classify food photography in it’s own category and there are photographers out there who are specialised on taking food shots. I partially agree but imagine that you just opened up your brand new restaurant and you hire a photographer to take shots of your restaurant, staff and food (which is a sensible thing to do). At this point, in my book your product (service in this case) is the whole restaurant and everything and everyone in it. So there should be a photo-shoot that tells the whole story of the restaurant featuring it’s best angles.

In this case, what you see is a slice of pizza in shallow focus while the whole pizza in the background is out of focus and blurred. These images are typically being shot with a wide aperture which creates a shallow depth of field. In other words, a low f stop can achieve this result.

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